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 We are committed to providing you with the best possible tax preparation services possible. We use the latest technologies including top of the line tax software and use e-file to get your tax refunds processed quickly and easily. 


I have been preparing tax for over 25 years and was one of the first individuals prepares to offer E-file to the general public.   Owning and operating several sucesseful business, including a mail and parcel service, rental homes, and financial services.

I began my career in an accounting departments for several companies 30 years ago, it became clear to me the corporate world was not for me.  So I decided while getting a degree in accounting that I would preparer income taxes, and now I have been sucessfully self employed for over 20 years.
With my real world experience and continuing education in income taxes I have excelled in real world tax preparation for individual.

Internal Revenue Service in 2010 has made it a requirement for all paid tax preparer to be licensed and pass compentencies testing.   License# P00235381  

I have been learning to fly a Cessna 182, and any time now I hope my instructor will solo me.  Although I will not be able to fly any one with me its a major mile stone for any pilots success.

We have been located in the same shopping center for the past 20 years.